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Vpb-23_1.jpg (101111 bytes)
PPC Lt (jg) Francis H. Clifton with flight crew of VPB-23 on Guam, 1945. Co-pilot Bartow R. Brown (standing far right), Co-pilot David Parks (front center)
(Source: Francis H. Clifton)

Vpb-23_2.JPG (100445 bytes)
VPB-23 pilots on Pelelui, 1945. From left: David Tenney, R.C. Aldrich, Francis H. Clifton and Bill Clark. Note wash stand and Lister water bag in front of the tent.
(Source: Francis H. Clifton)

VP-33men.gif (91758 bytes)
Photo of VPB-33 squadron
(Submitted by: Bearl Nichols)

vp33crew.gif (37702 bytes)
Like the prior photo, this VP-33 photo was taken on Manus in Admiralty Islands prior to reassignment to the States in early 1945.  Bearl Nichols (second from the right) contributed this photo.

Gunner.gif (83938 bytes)
Bearl Nichols, gunner, in his blister window.  He is getting ready to go on a sub patrol out of  Leyte Gulf in the Phillipines, in 1944.
(Submitted by: Bearl Nichols)

VP-44crew.jpg (27799 bytes)
PBY-5A from VP-44, BuNo 48278, on January 12, 1945. Picture was submitted by N.A. Schneidewind, AMM1c, who is in the front row, far right. His plane has just returned from Mindoro, where they witnessed a U.S. ship being sunk by a kamikaze.

VP11pic1.jpg (57176 bytes)
(From the collection of VP-11 pilot Donald E. Smith)

VP11pic2.jpg (25864 bytes)

(From the collection of VP-11 pilot Donald E. Smith)

VPB-71_BlackEagle_crew.jpg (34649 bytes)
Squadron VPB-71, BuNo #46517-E-68. The "Black Eagle" Crew #8
left to right: Lt. A.O. Turner, Lt.(jg) Morken, Nav.Ens.Greene, Plane Capt.L.E.Rearden, Sr. (in cockpit)
2nd. Mech.G.A. Barrett,1st Radioman H.P.Lawrence, 2nd. Radioman H.A. Blencoe, Ord.W.W.Oerrin, Bomb. H.S. Peterson.
(Submitted by: "Dink" Rearden, Jr.)

VPB-71_BlackEagle_markings.jpg (43273 bytes)
Markings on the side of the "Black Eagle" (see previous photo).
(Submitted by: "Dink" Rearden, Jr.)

Squadron VPB-71 in San Diego in the fall of 1944.
(Submitted by: Joe Roseberry, whose father is seventh from the left in the bottom row.
Update: Lt Commander Donald D. Roseberry died on Feb. 16th 2012, he was 95.)


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