Black Cat-related weblinks

History of VP-12 crewman Earl Rhoden

VPB-54 "Black Cats" Squadron War Diary

Black Cats and Other Tales

The VP/VPB-54 Black Cats of the United States Navy

Black Cat pilot Captain Norman L. Paxton, USN, Retired


PBY-related weblinks


PBY Catalina Foundation

The Catalina Preservation Society

PBY Catalina International Association

United States Navy Patrol Squadrons

The Cutaway PBY Display at Pensacola National Museum of Naval Aviation

The Catalina Society (based at Duxford in UK)

Traditions Video: PBY - World War II Operations

Three stories of PBY missions in the Pacific

French naval aviation and PBY Catalina website


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American Aircraft of WWII

Japanese Aircraft of WWII

A Tribute To the Cactus Air Force

Naval Air War In The Pacific

Battle-damaged B-17 Flying Fortresses

The Campaign For Guadalcanal

Glenn Illustrators Aviation Art

How The West Was Won

Tora! Tora! Tora! (the movie)

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