Unfortunately, the majority of Black Cat material is now out of print. However, I've found several items that can now be purchased on, which I've listed below. The first item is the important book "Black Cat Raiders", which was out of print when this website was created.

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Black Cat Raiders of World War II
by Richard C. Knott  (20% off !)


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PBY - The Catalina Flying Boat
by Roscoe Creed (30% off !)

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On Hell's Perimeters (VP-23)
by Don Klotz
  (30% off !)


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Walk Around PBY Catalina
by Squadron/Signal Publications

PBY Catalina In Action
by William Scarborough
and Squadron/Signal Publications


Out of print for thirteen years, this title is now back in print:

BlackCatsAndDumbos.jpg (7095 bytes)
Black Cats and Dumbos - WWII's Fighting PBYs
by Mel Crocker  (30% off !)

(Visit the author's son website about this book HERE.)

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Sketches of a Black Cat
by Ron and Howard Miner

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US Navy PBY Catalina Units of the Pacific War
by Louis B Dorny

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Also available at

Our Fighting Navy (video) - includes video footage of Black Cat PBYs (see my Videos page for more info)


Black Cats With Wings of Gold, by Lt. A. J. Meuller (Ret)  (no ISBN)

Black Cat Squadron in World War II, by Robert Hayes

Bless 'Em All, by Robert W. Hayes, 1986, Willow Creek Publishers

PBY Catalina In Action, by Squadron/Signal Publications

Lake Boga At War, by Brett Freeman (Australian repair depot for flying boats)

Black Cats, compiled by A.E. Minty (a collection of first-hand accounts by RAAF Black Cat crewmen)

Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons - Vol. 2, by Captain Michael D. Roberts, USNR (Ret.)   Now out of print.  :(


See my video page for information about PBY videos

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