I would like to thank the following individuals for gratiously being financial contributors to this site, which helps pay the annual bill to keep the site online:

Gene Guthrie (VPB-43 veteran)   "In Memoriam, 1923-2001"
Robert Brougham (VPB-34 veteran)
Francis H. Clifton (VPB-23 veteran)
George Beckwith (flying boat fan)
Steve Smith (father rescued by Nate Gordon)
Dave Robertson (father served in VPB-44)

Thanks, guys!

I would also like to thank the librarians at the San Diego Aerospace Museum, who helped me during the three days that I spent poring through their extensive collection in search of photos for my aviation websites. If you need aviation photos, they are willing to make copies (8x10 glossy photos) of any of the non-copyrighted photographs in their library (for a fee, of course).  By the way, they've got a beautifully-restored PBY Catalina at the museum, which is well worth visiting! (San Diego is the home of Consolidated Aircraft, which made the PBY.)

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