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Revell_BC_painting.JPG (35243 bytes)
Cover painting of Revell's PBY-5A 1/72 model kit (1969). Note the red surround to the national insignia: this was only used for a few months during 1943.

academy_pby5a.jpg (32878 bytes)
Cover painting of 1/72 Academy PBY5A Catalina model kit

This book is still available (see link in title)
Detail of cover painting of Squadron/Signal's publication
Walkaround PBY Catalina

color_profile.JPG (31605 bytes)
Color profile of VP-34 PBY #69. This is the same aircraft shown in the photo on Photo Page #5.
(Source: PBY Catalina in Action by Squadron/Signal Publications)

Cover painting of the 1st edition of Mel Crocker's
Black Cats And Dumbos / WWII's Fighting PBYs

Cover painting of the hardback edition of Richard C. Knott's 
Black Cat Raiders of World War II

Cover painting of Robert W. Hayes'
Bless 'Em All

PBY5A-BlackCat.jpg (61017 bytes)
This PBY-5A Black Cat painting from an unnamed source was sent to me by a visitor.

Trudgian_FlightOutOfHell.jpg (50982 bytes)
"Flight Out of Hell" by Nicholas Trudgian. Lt. Nate Gordon's Black Cat takes off after having rescued the downed crew of a B-25 bomber. The PBY is under fire from Japanese ground units on the nearby island. Gordon received the Medal of Honor for his rescues that day. For more information on this event, read about it in the History section.

Trudgian-BlackCatRescue.jpg (42787 bytes)
"Black Cat Rescue" by Nicholas Trudgian. This is another representation of the same Nate Gordon incident shown in "Flight Out of Hell" (above).

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