A collection of text excerpts from Black Cat books and magazine articles

1. Preface
2. Cats Are Night Creatures
3. Early Operations
4. Insignia and Mascots
5. Conditions at Guadalcanal
6. Harassing Enemy Troops
7. Bomb Loads and Tactics
8. Raid on Tonelei Harbor
9. Lahodney's Guns
10. Busting Barges
11. Stealthy Attack On Wewak
12. Downed Behind Enemy Lines
13. Nate Gordon's Medal Of Honor
14. Bismark Sea Action
15. Intercepting A Convoy
16. VPB-33 Sets A Record
17. A sample chapter from Mel Crocker's book "Black Cats and Dumbos"
18. One Hung Up
19. Black Cats team up with PT boats
20. Black Cat Rescue Missions
21. Finale

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