What is the purpose of this page?

Well, if you found this site interesting or helpful in your search for information, you might consider sending me a dollar (or more) which will go towards paying my server fees and research costs, so I can keep this website on-line and available for everyone.

There's two ways you can do this. The preferred way is to send me a donation by postal mail (email me for my mailing address). Or you can use your credit card on my payment page at The advantage of paying me via postal mail is that I get 100% of the donation. If you use a credit card on, they keep 15% of the donation as a fee for using their credit card service.

If you still want to use the service, it's easy, relatively quick, and anonymous.

Amazon Honor System
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Click on the above link to be taken to my page on, where you can donate as much as you'd like via their safe and secure credit card system. I receive no information from you (or about you) at all, so your privacy is secure. (If you'd like to tell me about your donation, you have that option too.) 

Thank you for visiting, and thanks (hopefully) for the donation!

    - Dave

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